An Open Letter from Your Host

        My purchasing the Copper Heron Bed & Breakfast in July of 2003 was the fulfillment of a long wished for dream.  Whenever I have traveled, I have chosen to stay in small Bed & Breakfast Inns, because I valued the quality of the service provided and the "personal touch."   What I treasure most is the opportunity to meet some very wonderful people.  It proves my theory that people who choose to stay at B&Bs are some of the most interesting folks around. 

        For three years prior to coming to Maine, I was a  full time cook at Pendle Hill a Quaker Study Center which attracted people of all faiths from all over the world.  That move was an important step in preparing me to become an innkeeper.  At Pendle Hill I learned how to prepare wholesome food for a crowd.  Meals were made from "scratch" with fresh baked bread available most days and a focus on organic, locally grown and whole foods whenever possible.  I bring that background and orientation to my cooking at the Copper Heron and create meals that are healthful, delicious and served attractively.  I also strive to use locally grown foods whenever possible. 

         More than anything I hope to provide my guests with a comfortable place to stay where they can relax, unwind and take the time to nurture themselves.  I have made a commitment to providing a welcoming atmosphere while keeping costs within a moderate range.  I hope that once you come to the Copper Heron you will want to return. 

Warmly, Diana Avella